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ReTarD Wild Raccoon (#7) 💙 💂

(aka KitsuneNr1Fan aka God on Gatari )
Offline ( 0 subs count)
Wild Raccoon is a BAT from img flagCuba.
They registered .
Last seen: .
They play with Keyboard.
Global rank #7
Country rank  img flag #1
Clan K-samaSanctuary
PP 3,058
Ranked score 50,367,461
Total score 89,315,831
Playcount 341
Replays watched 0
Total hits 121,755
Accuracy 95.71%
Ranks SS+ 0
Rank SS 0
Rank S+ 0
Rank S 0
Rank A 0
Level 24

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Just here to practice DT HD/Easy DT HD & struggle with HD low bpm and have fun with no fail regardless of score <3.

Me on other private server: (Main server) for when gatari is down)

Bancho: Only use it for mapping/kudosu farming and maybe 1 day tournaments.
Willing to do M4M or NM on bancho for taiko maps let me know on discord or in game, I will go first :3