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何か Fisu Unknown

Offline ( 5 subs count)
Fisu is a player from img flagFinland.
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Clan goodplayergang
PP 485
Ranked score 9,008,061
Total score 15,711,247
Playcount 101
Replays watched 0
Total hits 11,380
Accuracy 94.30%
Ranks SS+ 0
Rank SS 0
Rank S+ 0
Rank S 0
Rank A 0
Level 13

Most ranked scores

Honestly, I'm really surprised that I haven't gotten called out for cheating, I mean, apart from my vibro plays, look at what I've gotten. And based on that how famous I am (which, btw, is literally 0) tell me what makes me look so legit.

Sujak is literally my dad, I'm trying to be as good one day.