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何か [-][-] Unknown

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[-][-] is a player from img flagFrance.
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Clan goodplayergang
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Accuracy 0.00%
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Some Account that i have on other server :
Bancho : -Koreacez
Gatari : KoreaCez
Osu!Cookiezi : EryFangirl
Some Other Name : Osef, [-]_[-], [-][-], Wollah Je cheat, SkylocFangirl

Some Score

Tengaku 1.3x

Last Remote +DT

GC Wtf LN convert First map of the day

Element of spada 1.75 HP Pass

Future Dominators 1.365 Delta Cut

Around the World 1.3x

Give It To Dem +RD

Chipwrecked 1.7x

Epsilon Stam Hitsugi

Fushoku 97%

119 [Hell]