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Hello! Im playing taiko here mainly and sometimes mania. (prefer bancho for mania)
My main goal is 3000pp in both of them.
Feel free to join to my clan if you want to: https://kurikku.pw/clans/invite/GiAPqkPZ

Also I mapped and ranked few mania songs here, check them out! (katagiri-only cuz im katagiri lover)

Katagiri wa denki kitsune no yumewomiru ka? 4k 4.08*

Strong 280 4k 4.45*

Palace of Melancholia 4k 4.45*

gneg best player imo, std & 7k mania GIGACHAD
alphago 4k mania GIGACHAD

Tokkitohru (aka netnelilya here) will never snipe any of my taiko/ctb scores cuz skill issue :P
Oh also Bad personality = bad player, not ET + определенно клоун

Whoever readed this, have a nice day! Love you! <3