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Did you know?
(Probably not.)

Kurikku is not cheap to run.

While we provide this service for free, we still have to pay for it, and if we always took the money out of our own pockets, 1. we would be broke, 2. we wouldn't be able to upgrade our hardware to accomodate our users. While we do have loads of software optimisations that allow us to have Kurikku run crazy fast while still being on not so high-end hardware, the more users we have, the higher-end our hardware needs to be. So we are asking you for help on this :).

We are still students.

Kurikku developers, and most of the Kurikku staff, do not have a day job. This means that we get most of our income as students from doing small jobs as "freelancers" every so often, or, you know, allowance.

We do not have ads. And never will.

You may have adblock enabled and have not noticed, but we don't have ads anywhere on our website. We believe ads are bad, as they can be very annoying to you and that you would rather spend a few bucks to help us rather than watch annoying ads all the time.

We love picking random icons from our icon library.

So what can you do?
Well, you can give us even more money.

Here's what you get:


Yellow username

Just like in osu!, you get a shiny yellow username in the in-game chat to show everyone you're a really cool dude who has helped us pay the server bills.

Donor badge

Again, just like in osu!, you will get a donor badge on your profile, to show everyone you're supporting us.


Custom badge editor

You get to be able to create your own personal badge, with custom text and icon, to show off on your profile! Let the world know you're an anchor. Or prank people showing a spinnin' wheel with "Loading..."! Up to you.

Friends ranking

Competing with friends is really cool, you can play on the leaderboard with someone more or less on your level, without getting crippling depression and RSI for not beating that pro!


Profile background

Think about spicing your profile up with some eggplants? Got you covered! Having donor privileges, you get to be able to change your profile background.

Unlimited Name Changes

Tired of your current identity? Now you can have as many as you want! Just ask an administrator to change your name, as many times as you'd like.


Unlimited Flag Changes

Want to appear as if you're from another country? You also get as many of these as you'd like. Just enter in chat !flag

Unlimited Stats Resets

Now you can also start fresh with unlimited stats resets! Ask an administrator and they shall perform the deed.


Viewing your subscribers

Now you can watch your subscribers. That's way to found new good friends

Chance to be in top donators

If you are one of those who support our server the most, you will be in the top donators. Imagine you are on the main page. That's cool)


Creating clans

Wow, now you can create clan for you and your friends. Pew-pew with other clans.

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