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Rules can be edited at any time. New rules can be abusive for our mood.

Main rules Any rulebreaking in this section gives you an restriction or a ban, temp or permanent, in case of an order.

  • Any lie, cheating and other kinds of hacking are prohibited.
  • Modified osu! clients, for an exception of next rule, are not allowed.
  • Client fixes (instead of hosts changing) is allowed, but we can’t help you if you will break game client O_o.
  • Shared or boosted accounts are prohibited.
  • Don’t try to use another community server for bad purposes. If you are going to tell us about vulnerability, do this responsibly and tell about this to our staff members.
  • Use your own nicknames (without insulting or stolen names, for example, you can’t use these: Cookiezi, WubWoofWolf, Rafis, _index, alumetri etc.)
  • Don’t use our patience; We’re trying to satisfy the needs of our users, If you are multi-rulebreaking or abusing our services, for example: ban appeal or 1 free name change (Especially in case of users, who also disrespects the efforts of our staff), we’re will warn you, and if this will happen again, we will offer the ultimatum. If you are rejecting or you will not change your behaviour, we will have no other choice, besides ban you.

Chat rules Any rulebreaking in this section gives you silence. These rules working for the Discord, as like to the game chat. In Discord chat there some rules, specific to Discord server. For this reason you also need to check #rules channel on the server.

  • Avoid any insults to people. Try to be friendly. If you can’t, try to be constructive in argue.
  • Racism is strongly prohibited. Terms like «stupid» и «fogy» good for objects, but not for people.
  • Spam or flood, if you post a link from time to time, for example, to Twitch, if you are streaming Kurikku, when there are no active people is not allowed.
  • Any lawbreaking things, viruses are strongly prohibited. (This includes posting parts of the source code that you are not allowed to share.)
  • NSFW and mutilations vids or pics are not allowed.
  • If this is not special-language channel, please, speak in English.
  • Do not make any allegations of rulebreaking by users in each channel. (use #reports in Discord or tell this to community manager) Remember to follow the general rules above!

Profile rules.
Any rulebreaking in this section gives you an silence and profile reset/avatar reset.

  • NSFW containment and insulting avatars/profiles are prohibited.
  • Do not link to lawbreaking things, except porn/hacks/viruses on the user profile.
  • Don’t use insulting user badges and do not pretend to be someone with his special badge. If you’re abusing the badge system, you will be forced to change your badge or you will not be able to edit your custom badge again.
  • Lies and multi-accounting are strongly prohibited.
  • This doesn’t matter if you will change the osu! server - we’re carrying only about you’ve done on Kurikku.
  • Multi-accounts are NOT allowed, with several exceptions. For example, if you’re a dev and you need an account, - write to support by mail.

Criteria for obtaining a verified account.

You, as a player, must have: 6.000+ pp any 400+ pp score

If your profile meets these criteria, you should contact the kurikku administration! (community managers or replay moderators) for further instructions on confirmation.

We reserve the right to change these rules at our discretion.