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  • My antivirus blocks switcher.
  • Yes, of course, the switcher will be blocked. It happens because the switcher is editing the windows hosts file. Just turn off antivirus, nothing bad will happen :)

  • I am getting “Connection Failed” error when connecting to the server.
  • Download the ripple version switcher, press the button Inspect. See this, yes? Everything is green? If not, ask for help in discord server. You can also check if you have disabled Windows Firewall. This can be a problem too, sometimes.

  • I need the certificate, for the N reason.
  • Yeah, no problem. link

  • Bancho Authorization Failed, what to do?
  • Firstly, check have you typed login and password correctly. Second, check the connection to the server. You might be not connected as well.

  • And if I want back to peppy? How to do that?
  • There’s nothing hard, just press a button Switch to osu(ripple style switcher)! or вернуться на оффициальный банчо(gatari style switcher) that’s first button.

  • I definitely returned to Bancho, but I can’t go through the site of osu? What to do?
  • Check that you shut down the osu! site before disabling the switcher and clear the browser cache + after going to Bancho, you need to wait at least 5 minutes, while local DNS views what hosts file will change.

  • You are the open-source project?
  • Yeah, as the ripple with their AGPL 3.0 license, damn her. We are the open-source project. You can get the sources on our GitHub. Its here.

  • My problem isn’t here.
  • Well, welcome to official discord Discord channel. There, we will try to help you with what you can’t do.