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Crystal bot commands

Main commands

  • !roll – Returns any number from 0 to 100
  • !roll num – Returns any number from 0 to num
  • !help – Gives you this documentation
  • !stats [nickname] [mode] – Gives you an stats for <nickname> on the <mode>. If two parameters are none, but this cannot be :). For example !stats KotRik or !stats KotRik 2
    !clantop [on/off] – Turns clan top thing. This top replaces the country top.
    !flag [country code] – Special thing for donors, changes your flag. (eg: !flag jp – sets up a Japanese flag. Flag codes are not difficult to search in google )

Tillerino-like commands

Crystal has the similar command to the Tillerino. But, they are working faster because of
implemented inside of a server core.

  • /np – shows pp for a beatmap (works only for osu!std)
  • !with <mods> - Shows you pp for a map for /np with mods, for example: NF, EZ, HD, HR, DT, HT, NC, FL, SO, RX, AP. Don’t use the space between mods! (eg: !with HDHR)

Admin commands:

  • !system restart – Restarts the server
  • !system status – Shows the system current status
  • !system reload – Reloads the system config file (RAP)
  • !system maintenance on/off – Turns “maintenance work” of Bancho
  • !silence <username> <count> <unit (s/m/h/d)> <reason> - User silence
  • !removesilence <target> - Removes the silence from a user
  • !kick <username> - Kicks the user from the server
  • !ban <username> - Death. Absolute BANHAMMER!
  • !unban <username> - Unbans the user.
  • !restrict <username> - Restricts the user
  • !unrestrict <username> - Removes restrict from the user.
  • !crystal reconnect – Crystal reconnect. This is needed when Crystal is not on a players list.
  • !alert <message> - Global message. As usual, stupid CM’s use it for a trolling
  • !useralert <username> <message> - User message, works like usual !alert but for an one player
  • !rtx <username> <message> - Shows a message to the entire game window.
  • !kill <username> - Kills user game